no chocolate today, thanks

Earlier today, there I was just driving along witnessing a glorious blue spring sky above  the snow-dusted Sandia Mountains when suddenly, another sight to behold grabbed my attention. Humor me, please: “Girl Scout cookies!” I heard myself squealing with delight. In an eight-year old’s voice.

“Do I need to remind you, Mom, that you are DIABETIC?” my visiting-daughter-from-Los Angeles sarcastically flung back at me.

“Oh, what? Mmm hmm; yeah,” I reluctantly acknowledged with a sheepish shrug of my shoulders. Hit smack on the head with reality.

I’d been so excited at the thought of chocolate mint cookies, that for just a moment in time, I’d blessedly forgotten this demanding little factoid–“YOU have DIABETES”–that typically clips my wants into a definitively less-exciting needs list.

Darn those kids. Who do they think they are, anyway?!?

I can still conjure up last year’s boxes sitting in the back of my freezer (a handy little trick, this is: out of sight = out of mind) and now so forlorn and freezer-burned. As a diabetic, I should’ve/could’ve/you’d-have-been-wise-to-bet-I-probably-would’ve appreciated eating them when I had the chance a few yesterday’s ago.

Today, though, is another day, the need not so great.  No unraveling; traveling.  As in forward.  Yahoo!   :)

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